General conditions of Sale

Article 1 - Object

    Article 1 - Object
  • The following General Conditions of Sale regulate the offer and sale of products that appear on the website www.Inkloud Europe (hereinafter: SITE) of property & agrave; of the company & agrave; Inkloud Europe BV & nbsp; with registered office in Viale Roma, 49 / a, 47122 Forl & igrave; VAT number 03972080406.
  • The products purchased on the SITE are sold directly by Inkloud Europe BV
  • For purchases made by customers who are traders, wholesalers, retailers, professionals and who purchase for non-personal use, purchase transactions will be governed by the Civil Code.
  • The protection of privacy will be; subject to the Legislative Decree 196/2003 '' Privacy Code ''; the Customer must do so for this purpose; read the information (cd & ldquo; Privacy Policy & rdquo;) on the site and give consent to the processing of data in order to proceed in the order.


Article 2 - Acceptance of General Conditions of Sale

  • These General Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy must be examined by the customers of the site before concluding the order. The continuation of the order therefore implies the total knowledge of the same and their total acceptance; without the reading and the acceptance of the same the order can not; proceed.
  • The Customer with the execution of the order declares to have read and accepted all the general conditions of sale and payment reported therein as well as & kc; declares to have read carefully and fully the Privacy Policy, to know its content well and to have given its consent to the processing of data; with the sending of the purchase order, the Customer then unconditionally accepts them and undertakes to observe them in full, together with the modalities. of payment.
  • The Customer agrees and obliges, once the purchase procedure is concluded, to print and keep these General Conditions of Sale, in compliance with articles. 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree n. 206/2005.
  • Inkloud Europe BV offers products for sale on site and carries out activities; of e-commerce exclusively to individuals who have completed 18 years of age; (or who are still of age), in possession of the requirements of ability & agrave; to access and enter into binding contracts and have a valid e-mail address.
  • Inkloud Europe BV reserves the right not to process orders from subjects that do not meet the requirements set out in the previous points.


Article 3 - Purchase procedure

  • Purchases of the products available, as illustrated and described on-line in the related pages, are carried out by the Customer at the price in force indicated, inclusive of taxes and duties that may vary depending on the country of destination of the Product or legislative changes in progress, increased shipping costs, however displayed at the time of purchase.
  • Availability is available; of the product & egrave; updated according to the number of products available as & quot; l & rsquo; access and possibility; to submit online orders change availability; of the product, Inkloud Europe BV does not guarantee the certainty of assignment of the goods placed in the cart.
  • Before confirming the purchase, the Customer will be sent; summarized the unit cost of each product chosen, the total order line, the total cost of the order in case of purchase of more; products and any transport costs and order management.
  • The customer, after completing their purchase order, will receive & agrave; a first e-mail message where Inkloud Europe BV simply communicates that it has received the order indicating the relative number; in the following hours, even if this time limit is not binding, Inkloud Europe BV invier & agrave; another email to the Customer to communicate the acceptance of the order, confirming the sending of the product / s to the address indicated and providing the user with a forecast of delivery times. Upon receipt of the e-mail the Customer will be able to; verify the correctness of the data and products purchased and, if necessary, report and / or request information from .
  • the Customer can & agrave; check the status of the order in the page of the orders placed.
  • Orders can take these states:
    • CONFIRMED: the order completed by the customer. Finch & egrave; & Egrave; in this state, the order can be canceled by the customer. In case of non-payment, enter a few days, the order will be canceled automatically;
    • ACCEPTED: the order placed in process and the warehouse prepares the goods for sending;
    • SHIPPED: the products related to the order have been delivered to the courier making the transport;
    • DELIVERED: the order is delivered to the customer.


    Article 4 - Method of Payment

    • No installment payments are allowed.
    • If the Customer has chosen to make the payment with the credit cards available and indicated on-line, the payment must be made; be carried out at the time of placing the purchase order. The provider & nbsp; automatically verifies the operation at the time of ordering; of the card, providing to send an e-mail indicating the outcome of the transaction; the credit is actually collected by Inkloud Europe BV when the goods are shipped.
    • Prices are subject to change at any time, but these changes do not affect orders already paid; confirmed with the modalities described above.
    • If the credit card issuer or our service provider refuses or for any reason does not authorize or validate the payment, in such circumstances, Inkloud Europe BV is not; responsible for delays or failure to deliver the ordered products.
    • In the absence of any information necessary to complete the payment, Inkloud Europe BV reserves the right to automatically cancel the order.
    • At no time during the purchase procedure Inkloud Europe BV & egrave; able to know the information related to the credit card and the credit card number of the buyer or the financial, personal and personal information of the customer. This is in fact transmitted via a secure connection directly to the portal of the bank or company & agrave; financial at the time of confirmation of the customer. Inkloud Europe BV therefore under no circumstances & egrave; responsible and can be held responsible for any fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards that may occur; be done by third parties during the purchase and payment of products.
    • If the customer has chosen to purchase through the methods; Paypal or Credit Card payment, at the end of the order, is sent to the Paypal login page. The amount relating to the order is debited from the Paypal account at the time of the purchase of the order. In case of cancellation of the order both by the Customer and in case of non-acceptance of Inkloud Europe BV, the amount will be reduced. reimbursed to the Customer's Paypal account. In case of cancellation of the order it will come; required the cancellation of the transaction and Inkloud Europe BV will in no case be able to; be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by the delay in the non-release of the amount committed by Paypal. For each transaction made with the Paypal account the customer will receive & agrave; email confirmation of Paypal. Inkloud Europe BV reserves the faculty to cancel and / or suspend the order if Paypal sends a message via email reporting anomalies and / or irregularities; of payment; in this case, Inkloud Europe BV reserves the right to use it; to request additional information from the Client and / or the sending of copies of documents proving the title; of the card used. In the absence of the required documentation, Inkloud Europe BV reserves the right to do so. not to accept the order without the customer's right to compensation for damages.
    • If the customer & nbsp; has chosen to purchase through the mode & agrave; of payment with cash on delivery, must bear in mind that this service has an additional cost. At the time of delivery the customer will have to; pay the exact amount of the order to the courier because the courier can not; give rest. The BRT courier is able to accept both cash and checks.
    • If the Customer cancels an order booked with modality of payment by credit cards, bank transfer or Paypal, Inkloud Europe BV will perform & agrave; re-crediting according to the same procedures; chosen by the customer who will not be able to; request a variation of the same.
    • Customer data is transmitted using methods; sure that they prevent other subjects from getting to know or getting in touch with them. To be sure of having a secure connection you need to use a browser of the latest generation and updated capable of transmitting encrypted data with the Inkloud Europe BV server. To find out if you are in a secure connection & egrave; just check that there is the prefix "https" instead of "http" in the page address, and that the lock in the bar at the bottom of the browser is closed. & Egrave; to remember that the credit card data are transmitted to the bank's secure server only after the click confirmation of the customer. Until then, the data resides exclusively on the Customer's computer.


    Article 5 - Delivery

    • Inkloud Europe BV accepts orders with delivery in the Netherlands territory and Community & agrave; European. There are no deliveries to countries outside of Europe with the exception of those indicated in the form of the destination address.
    • The invoice relating to orders delivered by courier service & egrave; printable directly from the email received from the customer. No change in the bill will be & agrave; possible after the issuance of the same.
    • The contribution for the shipment, to be added to the price of the products purchased, & rs; calculated automatically by the system.
    • The customer is required to verify, upon receipt, whether the number of packages delivered corresponds to the number indicated on the invoice, if the packaging is used; intact, and if the product delivered to him & egrave; conforms to the order placed; the Customer will have to; sign the delivery note indicating 'subject to control over integrity; of the products & rdquo ;, if this does not happen, the Customer will not be able to; contest, after the delivery, the non-conformity; external of the ordered product and the number of packages received.
    • Without it; implies restrictions for Inkloud Europe BV, the goods are delivered indicatively within 1 or 2 working days from the sending of the order confirmation always after verification of the regularity & agrave; of payment and of the execution of the same. In the case of orders with payments other than the advance bank transfer, if any reports of payment anomalies have been received, such as for example the non-correspondence of the name of the registered subject and the credit card holder, the products are delivered within 7 working days starting from the date • verification of regularity has occurred; of payment or in any case starting from the end of the checks that will be necessary to verify the regularity; of payment.


    Article 6 - Return of goods and refunds

    • Inkloud Europe BV recognizes the possibility; to return the goods, within 15 days from delivery, for difformit & agrave; compared to what was ordered and / or due to product defects.
    • For the return under warranty & egrave; an online procedure is available which can be used; be activated by the customer by accessing the website section called RMA.
    • The procedure guider & agrave; the customer in specifying which products will be returned, the date of purchase, and the reasons for the problem covered by the guarantee.
    • The cost of return shipping will be & agrave; charged to the customer who will have to; use your courier service.
    • The product, with everything originally contained, will have to; be packed with the original cartons (plastic wrapping, tags ...) & nbsp; cos & igrave; to protect them from damage and shipped to Inkloud Europe BV srl.
    • Reimbursement will occur; by issuing a credit note that will be; settled by bank transfer within 30 days of issuance.


    Article 7 - Privacy Policy

    • Pursuant to the legislation on the protection of personal data, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, Inkloud Europe BV & Egrave; '' Holder '' of the data processing of the customer and all information about the use of personal data of the same are summarized in the Privacy Policy document to be accepted before continuing the order. In particular:
      • Finalit & agrave; of treatment.
        • finalit & agrave; commercial, promotional and / or sales to identify potential customers specific to each product and service (eg: internal statistics, approval feedback, preliminary acquisitions of information for the conclusion of a contract or the supply of goods and services, etc.)
        • research aimed at assessing the degree of customer satisfaction (eg: research on the quality of services;)
        • fulfillment of obligations under the law, regulations or community legislation.
          & nbsp;
      • Mode & agrave; and place of treatment.
        • The treatment is carried out by specifically assigned personnel, by letter, telephone, telefax, and by computerized automated systems; the same is performed at the Company's headquarters; holder of the processing and & egrave; edited only by persons in charge, with logic strictly related to the finalities & agrave; above highlighted and in any case in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data themselves (with particular regard to the case of use of remote communication techniques). & nbsp;
          & nbsp;
      • Data communication.
        • Personal data collected by Inkloud Europe BV will be communicated and / or processed by subjects of our trust, which, for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes, perform tasks of an operational, technical and organizational nature. The personal data provided by the Customer are used only to perform the service or the service requested by the same; they are not disclosed to third parties, unless the communication is imposed by legal obligations or is directly necessary for the requirements required.
        • Credit cards are processed by the secure server of Paypal and such data never come into our possession.
          & nbsp;
      • Rights of the interested parties.
        • The customer's right to exercise specific rights is reserved. The Customer can obtain:
    • confirms or not the existence of data concerning him, even if not yet registered;
    • information about the origin of personal data, finalities & agrave; and of the modalities of treatment, as well as the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments;
    • indication of the identification details of the Data Controller and the Data Processor, as well as the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or who can get to know them;
    • cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as & eacute; updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data as long as it is not impossible or involves disproportionate use of resources. The Customer may, for example, oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him, anchors & eacute; relevant to the purpose of the collection. The same may also oppose the processing of personal data relating to the sending of advertising material or, in any case, aimed at carrying out market research and commercial communication.


    Article 8 - Jurisdiction and competent court

    • The sales contract is governed by Netherlands law.
    • For any dispute concerning the validity & performance, interpretation or execution of this contract, it will be & agrave; only the Court of Forl & igrave;.
    • is competent


    Article 9 - Changes

    • The conditions contained in this document may be modified by Inkloud Europe BV spa without any prior notice and will have validity & agrave; from the date of publication on its website


    Article 10 - Complaints

    • Any complaint must be received; be addressed to Inkloud Europe BV spa with registered office in Viale ROMA 49 / A, 47122 Forl & igrave;

    & nbsp;

    Article 11 & ndash; More Information

    • The contract and all communications will be in Netherlands.