Inkloud Europe BV is an important wholesale operator in Europe.


Our strengths

  1. computerized order management system to simplify the purchase of goods from resellers
  2. original synchronization system of our products, prices and descriptions with inventories of our customers with numbers from leaders in Europe thanks to the coverage of more than 1,000 e-commerce sites
  3. DROPSHIPPING service for sale to third parties without worrying about the logistics service
  4. automated publishing systems of ads on Amazon and Ebay starting from our catalogs through special modules for the most widespread e-commerce platforms
Benefits of cooperation for premium suppliers
  1. electronic management and use of Big Data makes processes more efficient, reduces costs, lowers costs to reach the retail market
  2. < using our automated catalog distribution systems we can quickly publish new products on thousands of e-commerce sites
  3. distribution of high quality products, complete and rapid employment of the main market areas
  4. insertion of products on the Amazon and Ebay channels through our network of resellers
  5. integrated reporting and statistics systems to quickly get the situation on purchases, sales and prices
Process of the cooperation system
  1. Contact and presentation of the project through the Skype account
  2. Visit our offices and our warehouse in Italy for a better understanding of our business model with a view to enabling cooperation intentions
  3. Acquisition of your samples, quality control and product certification tests, first market tests to better agree eventual cooperation agreement
  4. Marketing agreements and the start of a great cooperation
Benefits of co-operation for resellers
  1. Physical stores: sale of products with non-continuous flows without the need to allocate these products in the warehouse thanks to the efficient distribution system of LIFE365 that manages deliveries within 24 hours
  2. Online stores: warehouse outsourcing with Dropshipping service. No inventory costs, synchronization of product cards, prices and stocks with our stocks
  3. Management of online sales generated on Ebay and Amazon by synchronizing them in a single point on your e-commerce software
  4. Automated return process to meet customers' interests
  5. Low management costs guaranteeing the best market prices
Cooperation process for retailers
  1. Register an account on with your company data indicating the Product Categories you want to market
  2. Evaluation by each Product Manager (by Category) of your business reliability to validate the activation of your account with the related price list retailer
  3. Receiving an e-mail to activate the reseller price list from each Product Manager (by Category)
  4. Enabling all our IT tools, support for the understanding of the operation of our work systems and learning how to synchronize our warehouse to the creation of your online sales site
  5. Long-term cooperation to contribute to the expansion of your retail outlet and support for the enlargement of your online success business