Dear Customer,

We Inkloud Europe B.V. had changed the new price policy for a few popular items based on the full/half pallet. As for items of HPCE278A, CB435/436/CE285, TN1050, etc We offer 5% extra discount if you order for one full/half pallet..

The Unit price 2.9 Euros is for full carton price
The Box price 2.76 Euros is for full pallet price or half pallet which request to order with 525 pcs / pallet.

As for shipping cost,
If you take a full pallet ,once the E-shop calculates to above 1 pallet and reaches 2 pallet or more shipping cost, our inkloud staffs will help to update the price to 1 pallet freight cost from back-end.

You can check the details info through our website:

Or just contact our sales department for more info: /

Thank you very much.

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